Monday, 10 March 2014

Fashion Week Trend Update #3

Fashion people like black. Not news, not going to devote any more time writing about it.
All I know is, long live #allblackerrythang, because it makes it easier to dress and express my inner sentiments about life on days when I can only be arsed to dress in one colour.

Grey also continues to be a trend, something else I like because it looks good on us blondes...

Looking to Spring when it will no longer be viable to wear colours that match the pavement, monochromatic blue will be big:
For black and white lovers like me this equates to a riot of colour, but at least it's been simplified by being monochromatic!

Thus ends my trend round-up of the A/W '14 shows, my London diary should be up soon but in the mean time, I'd love you to follow me on instagram or twitter!

Sunday, 9 March 2014

Fashion Week Trend Update #2

Another huge story of the shows the past few weeks was the coat. Not a new one, it's been given a spruce up for the last few months of winter with pattern, colour-blocking and embellishment:

We also saw the teddy again,
along with it's funkier twin: stripy, bright and graphic.

As well as the updated shearling and painted skins at Burberry (the same detailing as on the bags carried by models):

For those of us that can't afford to go out and buy another five coats this winter, the advice would be to just grab a belt (if it's good enough for Emanuelle, it's good enough for us):

Finally looking to summer, the bomber is gathering pace as a trend:
Seeing as getting one monogrammed with my name seems somewhat unrealistic, I've got my eye on this badboy to pair with a black neoprene skater from H&M  and nice tanned legs. The tanned legs will probably take more hard work to acquire than the other items in that list, it has to be said...!

Last fashion week trend update coming at you tomorrow!

Saturday, 8 March 2014

Fashion Week Trend Update #1

Fashion month brought us a whole bunch of new layering styles: most notably the shirt-tied-round-the-waist as modelled by the beautiful Margaret Zhang in the top lefthand corner. We also had the skirt-and-skinnies, the cropped-jumper-and-shirt and the two-skirts-at-once. Can't wait to try and weave some of these styles into my own outfits: a wardrobe update with no new purchases required!